Air Jordan 4 Reps

About Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes

The Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes was the first shoe in the line to go global. Widely distributed outside the United States.Fake Air Jordan 4 shoes also took the air jordan brand to another level of fame and pop culture. Spike Lee got it right and the fake air jordan Sneaker IV delivered an unforgettable scene that helped the shoe go beyond basketball.

Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes Design

The Air Jordan 4 Reps was the second straight-leg shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield, released in 1989. Design-wise, it's not too different from the 3, but adds a few elements that make it one of the most popular shoes in the collection. "Flight" is added directly below the Jumpman logo. This is the first time that suede material has been introduced into the sneaker world. There are mesh parts for increased breathability, and it has multiple plastic areas.

The Air Jordan 4 Reps shoes appeared in Sports Illustrated in November 1988 in "Black Cement" and "White Cement" colorways, and finally made its NBA All-Star Game debut in February 1989 - Michael Jordan wore "Black Cement" and Down 28 points!

In the same year, Fake Air Jordan 4 sneaker entered the market strongly, marking the world premiere of replica Air Jordan 4 shoes. Despite initial reactions that were mixed and expensive, the winged Jordan quickly soared to unimaginable heights. To celebrate the release of the upcoming Air Jordan 4 Reps Shoes "Red Thunder", we take a look back at the flight path of one of MJ's most popular shoes.

In the 1989 playoffs, Michael Jordan made one of the most memorable shots of his career. The moment when Jordan's Chicago Bulls played against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1989 playoffs was so emotional and memorable that it was simply called "the shot." Jordan's game-winner came at the end of Game 5 of the series. With seconds left in the game, Jordan received an inside pass and made a late free throw. The Bulls went on to win 101-100 to advance to the second round of the playoffs. The show helped cement Michael Jordan's status as a global superstar and showed the world how important he was. Jordan wore the Air Jordan 4 Reps shoes "bred" while hitting the ball. This helped elevate the Air Fake Jordan 4 sneaker to iconic status.

Tinker Hatfield designed a sophomore sneaker for Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan 4 Reps shoes has a mid-top style and is lighter than the aj3. The Aj4 is once again marked by a visual air unit, an aesthetic departure from previous Jumpman interpretations in favour of lifestyle and luxury features.

This time, the performance was the focus. Introducing the synthetic leather Durabuck to the collection, Hatfield's performance-oriented material is a lighter option designed to provide durability for high-octane endeavors. Luckily for Nike, durabuck is also more cost-effective and animal-friendly than comparable materials for replica Air Jordan 4 shoes.

The air Jordan 4 Reps shoes also adds a polyurethane-coated mesh forming layer (removed by dipping the mesh material into soft plastic and blowing air), with the central goal of making it more breathable. The most prominent design choice, however, is undoubtedly the fabled "Wings," which allow wearers to customize their Jordans with 18 different lace options!

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